A genesis NFT project featuring

500 hand-drawn characters on the Ethereum Blockchain

10 Legendary 1:1 Bears with ultra rare traits

Win prizes and vote on project initiatives as

a Brutal Bear holder.

Mint Price: 0.1 ETH

2.5 % of Brutal Bear sales and royalties go to support the

mental wellness efforts of the Wounded Warriors Project.

VMH Gold Seal.png
VMH Gold Seal.png


What's Coming Next?

25% Minted
  • Holders will be awarded exclusive Discord server roles and private channels

  • Holders vote on project initiatives

  • 1st wave of exclusive prizes, giveaways, and events for holders

50% Minted
  • 2.5% of net sales will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project

  • 2nd wave of exclusive prizes, giveaways, and events for holders

100% Minted
  • Each Brutal Bear NFT serves as a voucher for a future NFT project

  • Exclusive Brutal Bears merchandise available to holders at cost

  • 1:1 custom military dog tags for all current holders will be issued

  • Final donation to Wounded Warrior Project

  • 15% of net proceeds & royalties reinvested back into the community fund

  • Shifting towards a DAO for holders begins


Welcome to B'earth

Inhabited by a sentient race of pseudo-teddy bears known as Brutal Bears, the planet B'earth is embroiled in war and turmoil.

Throughout history, factions of these Brutal Bears have warred with one another over territories and resources. Kingdoms rise and fall, and life as a bear is brutal.

But if one pays close attention, there can be heard rumblings of change on B'earth; echoes and shadows of the coming age of the unimaginable.

The cataclysmic events soon to occur will cause the proud factions to reckon with their divisive, battle-torn pasts - will the bears unite or remain divided?

For a threat even greater than one another soon comes.

Want to learn more about B'earth?

Brutal Bear Factions 

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Legendary Bears

10 Ultra Rare Bears


Our team's Story

Why we started

We started with a simple goal: create some really kick-ass NFT that people will love and get excited about building a community around.​  

Brutal Bears is the first of future NFT projects we're designing to explore the utility of NFT technology in both the digital and material worlds.  

Proceeds go to U.S. service members suffering from mental health illness. This is just one of the many ways NFTs can make a tangible difference in our world today.

Our new dream is to start a movement where NFTs create win-win situations for our communities.

Together, we all can make a difference in our world.

Join us in our journey and get brutal about making a difference.

- The Brutal Bear PROJECT TEAM



Project Documents